Proyecto Peru Internships is a mediator in internship placements in one of most beautiful places in South America, Cusco. It forms part of Proyecto Peru language institute and volunteering centre. The in-house Spanish school offers general Spanish courses for all levels and specialized courses like medical Spanish. All courses offered by Proyecto Peru are officially accredited by the Peruvian ministry of education.

Internships in Cusco

Proyecto Peru internships in Cusco has many years of experience in guiding and coordinating internship placements. We offer a variety of internships in different fields of study and we always try to make the best possible match for the intern and organization. If an intern has any special requests, we also try to comply with these wishes to arrange the perfect internship with optimal results.

Why Proyecto Peru Internships:

- No mediation fee
- English speaking contact
- In-house language institute
- Accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Education
- Years of experience
- Variety and flexibility
- Good guidance and coordination

Work placements

What in one country is called an internship or work experience placement, in another country this is known as a stage, a sandwich placement or a trainee program. Proyecto Peru can offer all types of work placements. Proyecto Peru offers placements for university or college credits, to gain work experience, for a research or dissertation internship, professional stages and the so called sandwich placements. The placement can be for credits, industry experience, to do research or to get your on-the-job training. We all gathered this on our website under the name "internships". Just contact us with your specific reasons and requisites and we will find the perfect placement for you!

Unlike most other internship mediators, Proyecto Peru does not charge any enrolment or placement fees for your internship in Peru.

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